GoFundMe - Help us Open More Doors on the Lyric!

You can play a part in helping the Lyric Center open our doors to more performances and programs!  

We need to reconstruct doorways in their historic locations in order to renovate more space inside the Lyric.  We have already received $175,000 in grant funding for this project, but we still need support through donations as well.

As of February, 2017 we have raised $15,000 in cash.  30% to our donation goal!

Donate today
by mail to Lyric Storefront Reconstruction, PO Box 416, Virginia, MN 55792, or go to our site on GoFundMe!
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Thanks for grant from the following:
State Historic Preservation Office
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board
Business Energy Retrofit Program
Virginia Community Foundation
Virginia Economic Development Authority
The Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Thanks for support from our donors:
Twilla Ahola
Greg & Susan Altobell
Steven Bauer
Roy Berg
Anne Bier
Robert Bjorum
Darlene Cayo
Wayne & Bernie
Richard Colburn
Lois Curry
Scott Dennie
Jim & Debbie Devries
Cheryl Doran
Jeanine & Pete Emmons
Mary & Doug Erickson
Peter Esala
Dennis & Debra Frazier
Joe & Diane Friebe
Lois Garbisch
Susan Gillespie
Patricia Grigal
Bosa Grubich
Dale & Shannon
Nancy & Dick Harvey
Diane & Eugene Hawley
Justine & Matthew Herberg
Lisa Hesse
Tom Hewett
Kareh Hill
Brian Holzer
Nicole Johnson
Renee Kailanen
Susan Kamnikar
Judith Kauchick
Betty & Gordon Kennedy
Byron & Mary Kesanen
Tom & Lee Kesanen
Doris & Ronald Koski
Joan Krulc
Tony & Jody Krulc
Christine Lurch
Jayne Mahovlich
Jeanne Maki
Gary Malenius
Sandra Markovich
Jane & James
Mary McReynolds
Jeremy Moriarty
Chris Moroni
Kathleen Moschler
Loretta Nemanick
Angela & Thomas Noll
Darcy Norha
Timothy & Norma Jean
Richard Olson
Julie Oreskovich
Butch & Sharon Panula
Dorothy Parish
Bert & Louise Pellinen
Cathryn Peters
Mark Phillips
Selah Reid
Marlise Riffel
Rocket Liquor
Barbara Rodorigo
Leah Rogne
Patty Sabie
David & Sherry Saranen
Fred & Nancy Shusterich
Robert & Kristin
Vern Simula
Delores Smolich
Karen Spotts
Francine Sterle
Marlyn & Willis Swanson
Darrel & Joie Swenson
John & Wanda Taray
Ellen Taube
Georgene Teasck
Karen Tini
Tim & Diane Torrel
Scott & Terry Vagle
Virginia Rotary Club
Virginia Study Club
WA Fisher
Anna Mari Wald
Mary Waschke
Kerry Waschke-Collie
Jane and Al Wertanen
Jason Wiederhold
Jean Young
Carol Zakula
Ole Zupetz

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