Traditional Scandinavian music with Vestafor October 7th at The Loft

Vestafor at The Loft

Tuesday, October 7th 7:00pm
516-1/2 Chestnut Street
Downtown Virginia MN

VESTAFOR is made up of 3 American musicians specializing in Traditional Scandinavian music and dance. The group is outfitted in the proper traditional attire, much like they would have been in the 1800's and the songs they will play are just as old, if not older.
Our area of the Iron Range is steeped in tradition, and proud of it. Keeping traditions is what families of every nationality has done since they arrived here to mine and log this great area of ours. Music is one thing that lightened the heavy load of hard working people here, traditional music - like that of their homeland. I can guarantee that some of the songs that VESTAFOR will play, our ancestors who descended here have heard before. The melodies go from haunting, to solemn, to up beat waltzes to charming wedding marches. Let your ears decide how your heart will feel as the music fills up your soul!

Tickets: $8.00  (Lyric members get 15% discount)  Membership opportunity at

The First Stage Gallery issues a Call for Artists

Show your artwork at The First Stage Gallery!

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September 2014 Exhibit

Our September exhibit in The First Stage Gallery features ceramics by Becca Arnold Sauer and paintings by Spencer Hahne.

Small Parts Players begins their 14th season on Tuesday, September 2nd!

Calling all young actors!

Join this fun theater group and learn the fundamentals of stage craft.Sessions are at The Loft, 516-1/2 Chestnut Street, Virginia from 3:30 - 5pm.Actors 7th through 12th grades meet on Mondays and Thursdays.Actors through 6th grade meet on Tuesdays and Fridays.
The older group will start off the year working with a voice class one day per week and stage techniques and small productions the other day.
The younger group will work on 2 to 3 plays to be produced throughout the season which ends in May.
For more information call Pete-the-Director at 218-780-3690.