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July 2015

Lucia Riffel: A Memory You've Never Had
"Sun-soaked and sentimental, my imagery evokes a sense of quasi- nostalgia. My interests lie in the space between object and memory: wherdistortion, abstraction, and fragmentation reign. I photographdigitally  manipulate an prin thes composition –  immersinmyself in these processes to distance myself from the subjectCreating the limbo I wish to get lost in.

"Initially, my subjects are isolated, pushed, and turned on themselves

– distorted slightly, but seemingly photographic. Upon closer inspection the dismantle  themselves  becomin completely abstract.   The images break and dissipate into space creating dreamy haze of pattern and color.   A space you can’t quite put a finger on  a memory youve never had."

Join us for an artist reception on Thursday, July 2nd 6:30 - 8pm at The First Stage Gallery, 514 Chestnut St., downtown Virginia, MN.

New Visual Arts Group!

Looking for a place to share artistic ideas and support and promote visual arts? There is an open Visual Arts Group that meets at The First Stage Gallery every Thursday from 12:30 - 2:30 pm.  The group creates artwork, shares ideas and supports artistic processes.  All levels of experience are welcome, but there is limited space and a small fee to cover costs.  For more information call Jane at 218-248-8394.